With the popularity of natural makeup, “grafting eyelashes” has become a super popular semi-permanent makeup technique nowadays. It can not only solve the trouble of brushing mascara every day, but also allow you to have attractive electric eyes. But I finally made up my mind to get eyelash extensions. Of course, I hope the eyelashes can last a little longer! How long can eyelash extensions last? How can I maintain my eyelashes to last longer? The following let love nail play beauty share 5 methods to teach you to extend the maintenance time of eyelash extensions!

After eyelash extensions, it will fall off according to the growth and metabolism of each individual’s eyelashes. Of course, this is also related to the number of eyelashes connected. The more roots are connected, the longer the maintenance time. As for how long the eyelash extensions can last, as long as the eyelash extensions are well maintained, there is no problem in maintaining them for 3 to 4 weeks. If you want the eyelash extensions to last longer, follow the following 5 methods, and you will definitely be able to fulfill your beautiful wishes oh!


1. To remove makeup, avoid using makeup remover cotton and makeup remover
The key to how long eyelash extensions can last is closely related to makeup removal habits. When removing eye makeup after grafting eyelashes, it is strongly recommended not to use cotton pads, because the eyelashes are easily caught by the fibers of the cotton pad and pulled off. In addition, try not to use oil-based makeup removers. The reason is that special black glue will be used to stick the eyelashes on the eyelashes, and oily products will cause the black glue to fail and become easy to fall off.

So how do you remove makeup? When you want to remove makeup after eyelash extension, in addition to choosing a makeup remover (milk), you can choose a “makeup remover for eyelash extensions” that does not hook your eyelashes to remove makeup, and avoid the root of the eyelashes from the inside to the outside. It can protect the beautiful eyelashes!

2. Wash your face with a face wash sponge
The grafted eyelashes are most afraid of being pulled! Therefore, it is recommended to replace the towel with a “face wash sponge” when washing your face, and do not scrub vigorously. You should use a face wash sponge and wash your face by pressing, and after washing your face, use a soft paper towel to absorb the moisture around the eyes by pressing. Dry, keeping the eyelashes dry is also an important key to how long the eyelash extensions can last!

3. Regularly use the eyelash brush to organize the eyelashes
After washing your face or just getting up, your eyelashes will inevitably be a little messy. At this time, don’t pull the eyelashes with your bare hands. You should use an “eyelash brush” to gently comb to prevent the grafted eyelashes from falling off too quickly. Brushing and combing can also prevent the lashes from sticking together, so that the lashes can last longer!

4. Sleep with a soft-shell eye mask
Do you stagger when you sleep and can’t sleep peacefully in your upright sleeping position? Or is it a habit to wear an eye patch while sleeping? Also, do you rub your eyes involuntarily when you fall asleep? In fact, how long eyelash extensions can last is also related to sleeping habits! If you have the above habits, it is recommended that you wear a “soft-shell eye mask” when you sleep. This kind of eye mask will not only make you feel less burdened when you sleep, but also the comfortable material will allow you to sleep without pressing your eyelashes!

5. Keep the eye area dry at all times
If you want to keep your eyelash extensions longer, keeping the eye area dry is very important! Because moisture will make the black glue connecting the eyelashes weak, and then the eyelashes will easily fall due to insufficient adhesion, so whether it is after makeup removal, face washing, and maintenance, it is necessary to dry the eye area as soon as possible.


How long can eyelash extensions last? In addition to daily maintenance methods, the usual habits are also the key to affecting the maintenance time of eyelash extensions! Now let Love Nail Play Beauty show you the 3 habits to avoid after eyelash extensions!

1. Don’t rub your eyes
For many people, rubbing the eyes is a subconscious action, but if the eyelashes are grafted, the habit of rubbing the eyes will cause the eyelashes to last for a shorter period of time, so it must be changed! Because the grafted eyelashes cannot resist the vigorous pulling action of rubbing the eyes, which will not only make the eyelashes fall faster, but also may rub the fallen eyelashes into the eyes and cause discomfort or injury.

2. Do not sleep on your stomach or side
If your sleeping position is mainly prone or side sleeping, it is recommended that you change your sleeping position to a lying sleeping position before grafting, and let yourself get used to it before grafting eyelashes, because after grafting eyelashes, if you lie down Sleeping or sleeping on your side is likely to cause the eyelashes to rub or squeeze with the pillow for a long time, which will shorten the maintenance time of the eyelash extensions, make the eyelashes fragile, and even fall off directly!

3. Do not use oil-based makeup removers/care products
After grafting eyelashes, makeup remover, face wash, maintenance and other products must avoid “oil” products, because the black glue used for grafting eyelashes is easily decomposed by oil. When the adhesion of the black glue is destroyed, the eyelashes will be very easy. fall off, thus affecting the maintenance time of eyelash extensions.