The Wow Factor

When you step out on stage in your bikini and heels do you want EVERYONE to say “Wow!”? While many women try to accomplish this goal, not many can pull it off. In order to achieve this level, you have to start from the inside out! A cruelty free eyelashes private label mind followed by a toned body, great stage presence, and simple tips and tricks all create that exceptional “Wow!” factor!

cruelty free eyelashes private label
cruelty free eyelashes private label

There’s sense in the saying “fake it until you make it”. Believing that you have the ‘IT’ element is crucial when it comes to stage presence. In this business confidence is a must! You must have the mindset that YOU are the best! But if you don’t feel like you are the best, or you doubt yourself, you have to fake it! Put on a face that shows that you are the best, a stance that oozes cruelty free eyelashes private label and body language that pronounces your greatness.

Right before you walk out on stage, you’re standing behind the scenes, waiting for your turn to shine and your nerves are getting the better of you. Close your eyes for a minute, shut out everything around you, and take deep cruelty free eyelashes private label. This calms your nerves and relaxes you, helping you to get that burst of confidence as you step out on stage.

As you step out on stage, your walk and stance is crucial. Keep your back straight, your head up, and your shoulders back. When you pull your shoulders back make sure you keep them relaxed, be sure not to look too ‘military’. As you walk on stage you want to give the illusion of gliding, no one wants to see a person who walks clumsily or a heavy walker. When walking in heels, always walk on the balls of your feet! Walking on the heel can make you walk heavy, and when walking on the balls of your feet you have more control in your walk and it does a great job of accentuating your muscled and toned legs. Keeping your knees close together, when you step forward with your right leg, you want to bring your left knee just behind the other, with your left ankle slightly brushing the other as it moves past. This prevents your legs from looking ‘bow-legged’ and gives you a smooth and slender walk.

When you’re in a stationary position on stage, this is an opportunity to outshine your competitors, so your stance must bring attention to your amazing physique. To attain this stance your back foot should be pointing to the side and the heel of your other foot should be sitting just in front of the curve of your back foot, pointing towards the front of the stage. In this stance, by applying a little weight to the ball of your front foot, this will create some tension in your leg giving you a slender and more toned look. Keep your back arm tucked behind you letting your hand rest on your buttocks, and your front arm on your hip, this is the most flattering position to have your body.

Another step in achieving great stage presence is your bikini cruelty free eyelashes private label. Your selected style should highlight your body, not draw attention to any flaws you might have. Your choice should be based on your body type. If your bottom is a little heavier than your top, pick a bikini with more detailing on the top, this draws the eye up! If you have a bigger chest you should pick a triangle or a bandeau top, this flatters your chest while making you look very proportionate. If you have a smaller chest, a padded top does the trick or a suit with print gives the illusion of a bigger chest. If you are short, pick a bikini with a high cut leg, this will make you look longer, and with the addition of heels will make you look taller. When choosing a bikini, stay clear of thong bikini’s or bikini’s that are see-through, they are not classy and most competitions won’t even allow them. The color of your bikini should complement your skin tone! Do not pick a bikini that washes you out!

Now that we’ve gone through the base essentials for stage presence, now we’ll get into the little tricks that will give you a higher advantage! BRONZER! BRONZER! BRONZER! This is a simple trick but it has proven very effective. Whether you prefer spray tanning or salon tanning, a tanned body makes you look thinner and also gives you a greater opportunity to select a bikini of your color choice. When the day of your competition comes around, always make sure you have bronzer in your bag, the added color will help you since you most likely won’t be able to go to a salon. Glimmer lotion is also a clever trick that adds in your favor. The little shimmer on your skin when you are on stage catches the light and gives your skin a healthier appearance!

Your make-up, hair and jewelry is another big factor. You hair should always be down, or half-up if you prefer. You should have loose 1.5″ or 2″ curls, with a little teasing at the crown, to give your hair a spectacular appearance. If you prefer your hair straight that’s fine, but just know that when your hair is in curls it looks fuller and healthier! You want to give people a reason to KEEP their eyes on you! Your make-up should be more pronounced when you are on stage, cruelty free eyelashes private label aren’t necessary but it helps to bring attention to your eyes. Pick a color that matches who you are and that matches your attire! If blue eye shadow looks great on you, it might not look so great if paired with a neon orange bikini! Accessories are acceptable but only in moderation, the only jewelry you should be wearing on stage is earrings and one bracelet if you’d like, you want to avoid looking too busy or take away any of the cruelty free eyelashes private label from you!

cruelty free eyelashes private label
cruelty free eyelashes private label

When preparing for the stage, practice is key! Tips and tricks can only get you so far! Stand in front of your mirror with your heels on and practice your walk, practice your stance, practice your smile! See which bikini flatters you best, and don’t be afraid to ask the cruelty free eyelashes private label of your friends and family! Prepare like a winner, eat like a winner, sleep like a winner, and you’ll BE a winner!

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