Holiday Makeup Ideas

Makeup is one of the main parts of your entire look. It can changes the style of your outfit, add sophistication and emphasize your beauty. Here are some of the most feminine and glamorous customized 3d mink lashes suppliers you can choose from, so get inspired and get ready for the holidays.

customized 3d mink lashes suppliers
customized 3d mink lashes suppliers

Skin Care Routine
Of course, every customized 3d mink lashes suppliers is based on a clear, well treated skin. So keep a proper skin care routine and provide all the treatments your skin needs. Cleanse, tone and moisturize well. In winter, you’ll need to use a creamier moisturizer, that will deeply nourish your skin.

Protect yourself as best as possible from chilly, windy weather, to avoid getting your skin dried out.
Apply homemade facial moisturizers to nourish your skin and assure its rejuvenation.

Makeup Base
One of the most important parts of a customized 3d mink lashes suppliers is a perfect base. Hide your flaws by using a concealer for the dark under-eye circles, foundation to cover your entire face and finish with a translucent powder to get a matte finish. Make sure you blend the foundation well and get a flawless look.

In case you don’t have flaws to hide, simply go for a translucent powder to create the matte effect.

Eyes Makeup
You have two choices for the eye customized 3d mink lashes suppliers: simple and subtle, or heavy and eye-catching. If you opt for an subtle look, you just need to mark your eyes with an eyeliner and create the cat-eye look. Use a pencil first to make a perfect line, than apply the liquid eyeliner and shade your eyes by thinning or thickening the line.

The second makeup, is a bit more edgy, but you can easily wear it in winter to emphasize your eyes. Go for a heavy smoky eyes makeup. Apply a light eyeshadow on the entire eye lid and a dark one to the outer corners of your eyes. Blend it nicely into the light eyeshadow and create a smoky effect. You can choose any color you with, starting from the classic black and till the trendy purple shades of this winter. Also, to stay in mood with the Holidays, you can use golden shades for your customized 3d mink lashes suppliers and even some glitter to add some shine.

Both ways, finish your eyes by curling your lashes and applying plenty of mascara.

Keep your lips soft and kissable. Avoid liking them and exposure to cold. Keep yourself hydrated and your lips will stay just as smooth as they were in summer.

customized 3d mink lashes suppliers
customized 3d mink lashes suppliers

In winter, you can opt for heavier shades. Using a hot red lipstick can add glamor to your style and create a very feminine appearance. In this case, keep your eye makeup as simple as possible, to avoid overdoing your customized 3d mink lashes suppliers.
If you go for the bold eye makeup, than make sure you stay natural with your lips. You can simply opt for a lip balm, or a natural shaded lip gloss.

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