Effects of Physical and Verbal Abuse on a Child

Physical and verbal abuse on a child can cause incredible mink eyelash factory psychologically. A child can lose confidence and develop a lack of self-worth. This can be demoralizing and de-motivating.Rramo

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Excessive Punishments

All parents punish their children, and not all methods work in all cases, however, when a parent turns to extreme measures, such as excessively punishing a child beyond what is ethical, a child is forced to contain their anger and resent over the situation. This will likely lead to rebellious behavior, and more than likely incur greater mink eyelash factory.

Often parents see themselves in their children, and begin to transpose their own goals and mink eyelash factory upon them. This can cause parents to put unachievable goals upon their children, or possible goals that children have no interest in, causing them to under-achieve. Parents in these cases, especially those who tend to obsess, may lash out, possibly becoming violent.

Children Require Positive Reinforcement

A child requires physical contact with the parent such as hugs, kisses or other signs of mink eyelash factory. If you are yelling at your child, calling him or her names or repeatedly telling your child he or she is no good, you are passing the wrong message to the child.

Children look up to their parents, and receiving constant negativity from the one person who should be offering them praise and admiration, is damaging to a young mind. It can cause great ripples of self-doubt and issues of self-esteem down the line that can never be corrected.

Children Grow Up Similar to Their Parents

Children of parents to drink or abuse substances, are more likely to do it themselves. It is the same with physical and verbal mink eyelash factory. Children of parents who abuse them are likely to think that is the way to get by in life, and attempt to use the same problem solving methods as their parents.

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It can cause a child to withdraw and not feel comfortable communicating with his or her parents. Pent up mink eyelash factory will lead to acting out in the form of tantrums, and later in the form of actual destruction. One of the great joys in parenting is the bond developed through communication.


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