Superbonder For Lash Extensions 10ml/0.35oz


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The Rramo Bonder was created to speed up dry time and ensure the highest level of lash extension retention.

The Lash Bonder was created to:

Speed up the adhesive dry time after the completion of a Full Set of lashes OR Lash Fill
Seals adhesive instantly, ensuring no strong fumes will irritate and cause tearing to the client’s eyes
Seals the adhesive bond between the natural lash and lash extension for maximum retention h
Works with any adhesives
To Use:

Wait 2-3 minutes after lashing
Use a micro-tip wand
Dip into the Bonder and saturated the tip
Apply bonder to the base of the lash extensions where the adhesive is attached to the natural lash
The Bonder will instantly seal the adhesive for maximum retention
Proceed with a fan to completely dry The Bonder before clients open their eyes
No rinsing/ removal necessary.