Where Can I Buy Jan Marini Skin Care Products Safely?

Only Guaranteed from Authorized Licensed Skin Care Professionals or Physicians.Rramo

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wholesale 3d mink lashes

There has been an alarming trend recently, and it will affect anyone who has come to rely on the high quality of skin care products like those from Jan Marini Skin Care, Revitalash, MD wholesale 3d mink lashes Factor and Dr Schrammek. By strict orders of these companies, only licensed skin care professionals (like those who hold an esthetician, MD, or cosmetology license, for example) are authorized to sell these products and must be under contract in many cases.

However, many sellers without these certifications, and therefore unauthorized by the skin care companies, have begun trying to sell these products. This has created problems for everyone, most importantly the wholesale 3d mink lashes.

Buying Jan Marini Products, Revitalash, etc from Unauthorized Sellers Reduces Product Quality.

If you purchase Jan Marini products, Revitalash or these others from individuals without a cosmetology license or other certification, the guarantees of authenticity and product performance provided by the companies will be null and void. This is not to be taken lightly when making such an investment in your face and wholesale 3d mink lashes conditioner products.

Because there is no way to verify that the unauthorized sellers maintain the proper climate and storage conditions that promote the efficacy of these products, the product safety could be compromised. As a result, not only will the products not work as described, they may actually end up damaging your skin, or even your eyes!

The Price May Be Cheaper; But Is It Really Worth It?

Often, you’ll find the unauthorized sellers offering what seem to be great deals on Jan Marini, and other skin care products, but if the product they are selling is expired or isn’t stored properly, is it really that great of a deal? There are actual reports of products sold by unauthorized sellers with expiration dates removed, or believed to be watered down, among other things; this doesn’t make for a good value at all.

This is why Jan Marini, Revitalash, Dr Schrammek and the others require that their distributors must maintain a medical or cosmetology license. With this requirement, the skin care companies can ensure that only knowledgeable individuals skilled in the art of skin care handle and store their products. Not to mention have the in depth knowledge of wholesale 3d mink lashes ingredients, and skin conditions as well as wholesale 3d mink lashes & conditioners for your benefit.

When you purchase these skin care products from individuals without a cosmetology license, you run the risk of buying ineffective fraudulent or even stolen products, or causing injury to your face or eyes. To protect yourself, always make sure to ask the vendor for verification of their medical, esthetician shop, or cosmetology license, prior to making your purchase.

wholesale 3d mink lashes
wholesale 3d mink lashes

Don’t waste your time or money by buying from anywhere else. You’ll gain piece of mind by having the coverage of the company’s full product guarantee, and the professional expertise of a fully trained and licensed professional; but only when you buy from individuals that have a cosmetology license or other credentials, and are authorized and/or contracted by the manufacturer.


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